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Natalie Brown

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Date de parution : 17/10/2000

Durée : 0:04:08

Style : Rock

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(n. brown/j. rwakaara)

I feel a challenge in my soul today
Questioning things i believed in so firmly yesterday
How can i have faith in myself and what i feel to be true
When the next day i feel my heart and mind telling me something new
I feel the twisting of my soul today
Something is challenging my perceptions
And what i'm going through is hard
And i admit, right now i'm not o.k. so...

Right now, i am confused
Right now, i don't exactly know what to choose
This day feels so unlike the rest
Right now, i am confused

I feel a burden in my spirit today
Feels like everything that i've ever trusted in
Has been washed away
I feel like i'm grappling for the truth
Don't understand decisions that i made while in my youth
In my mind i know i gotta live with what i've chosen
But in my heart i struggle
''cause i can't live with a heart that's frozen
Inside my heart and soul just want to fly

All my questions came to late
I don't get a chance to reevaluate?
Can not bear to live with choices i made
Gonna make a change
Feel a change in my soul today
Gonna let the past fade away
Won't be confused no more

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