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Date de parution : 04/09/2009

Durée : 0:03:57

Style : Rock

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Stuck in a maze, a labyrinth of hate. shattered doors in
A mask of haze. struggling madly in a cage. desperately
Searching for a way out of the maze. running blindly not
Feeling the floor, nothing to stand on we fall. lost in
The halls, i'm looking for the doors. confusion! my
Senses are dying. my soul is crying. let me out, let me
Out! i'm screaming! running blindly through the visions.
Barefoot and defenseless. running blindly through the
Dark, infested woods. time and time again. disillusion.
I'm deeper in the maze. further from the light. i scream
Out of the confusion. i'm being consumed by confusion. my

World has been shattered. crippled. all we have left is
Fragments of doors. though we once had but never had.
We've all been fooled. confusion. my senses are dying my
Soul is crying. let me out. let me out. i'm screaming.
I'm living in a demented labyrinth. tortured. lost.
Crippled. i'm a part of this confusion. shattered
Confusion. shattered vision. all that i have left is
Illusion. i'm screaming at the confusion. i'm being
Consumed by confusion. in an abstract, in a world of

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