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Funeral Dress

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Date de parution : 20/06/2006

Durée : 0:02:3

Style : Alternative

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Like a horse that doesn't touch the ground
It fucking feels like the poison of the spider
Like the colours in the speed of sound
The sky is getting wider and wider

Brainwashed youth - me and you!

I can't take it, the visions in my head
I can't stop it, the race for h goes straight to death
Stupid words are exploding in my brain
Don't you see it, everyone's insane

Brainwashed youth - me and you!

Commercials on the radio and on the tv
They're stupid and obnoxious, they won't control me
Buy stuff, sell stuff, that's everything they want
You won't sell it to me, you stupid fucking cunts

Brainwashed youth - me and you!

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