Paroles de Congratulations

Ricky Nelson

pochette album Congratulations
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Date de parution : 18/03/1991

Durée : 0:02:17

Style : Rock

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Congratulations, for breaking my heart
Congratulations, now aren't you smart
You've won the only love i know
So let me shake your hand
Congratulations from a mighty lonely man
i hope you love her as much as i
Please don't mistreat her, don't make her cry
The day you came into her life, that's when our love died

Congratulations and i hope you're satisfied
i want you to know that i still love her so much
Just mention her name and my heart still gets a thrill
I want you to know that i still long for her touch
And what's more buddy i guess i always will
congratulations, for breaking my heart
We had a true love, but much to short
Just how you took her love from me i'll never understand

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