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The Pop Ups

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Date de parution : 30/03/2012

Durée : 0:03:55

Style : Children's Music

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I look up in the night sky
And i see a dipper made of stars
I think i see a giant back and
Big strong fuzzy legs and paws
All: connect the stars
And now i see a bear!
Eating honey with his friends, i bet he's having fun up there..

Look up in the night sky
Stars stretched out like giant wings
Feathers on a neck and tail
And an orange beak that honks and sings
Connect the stars connect the stars
And now i see a swan
Soaring high above the earth
Through stardust breeze she's riding on

I look up in the night sky
And stars become a giant mane
I see a coat of yellow fur
And swishing tail upon his frame
Connect the stars... i see a lion roar
Running leaping, wild and free
The night is open to explore

There's animals, animals, animals in the stars..

The car stopped at the roadside
And we all stepped out to the field
We went to gaze up at the stars
That the beautiful summer night revealed
I look up at the starlight and a creature starts to form
Constellations make the night sky totally transform

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