Paroles de Connecticut

Michael Feinstein

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Date de parution : 15/09/1995

Durée : 0:02:55

Style : Vocal

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I know a spot, peaceful and fair
I'd be so happy if i were there
No matter where i chance to be
Connecticut is the place for me

Miss every lake, miss every hill
Even in dreams, i think of them still
And when you see them, you'll agree
Connecticut is the place to be

Village dreams and childhood scenes
Are things that i remember yet
Land of dreams and moonlit streams
How close to heaven can you get

Nights full of stars, hearts full of joy
Paradise for a girl and a boy
I guess it suits me to a t
Connecticut is the place for me to be
Connecticut is the place for me

Sounds like a great stage for a late date
With a mate waiting just for you
And every yale guy is a male guy
Through and through

Sounds like a great stage
It's never hum drum dating some chum
With her thumbs strumming a guitar
You'll find the chicks slicker and they mix quicker by far

Sounds like a great, great stage
It's quick and spanner then old montana
And indiana can't rate
The nights are longer, the men are stronger
So linger longer and wait
'cause it's a great, great, great, great stage

Circle the globe, dozens of times
Seen all its wonders and i've known all its qualms
I've searched it with a fine tooth comb
And found that i have only one home sweet home
Connecticut always will be my home sweet home

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