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Conway Deborah

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Deborah conway
I've been informed there is a god and he'll save us
I've been on my knees praying please
It's useless
The lights are on but no one's home that i see
I need a sign a burning bush will do nicely
Consider this when you are leaving
Consider this and wave goodbye
Consider why we hang on
Make no mistake the only cure for living
Is to shuffle off this mortal coil believing
The heavenly gates will open wide in welcome
And you'll look good in white playing the harp
Son you'll kill 'em
'cos it would be so comforting to know we're not alone here
I'd believe the gorgeous lies and follow him to somewhere
Anything makes sense when you are staring into nowhere
Take me take me i'll be yours for ever and ever
Now we're alone if i state my case you'll listen
This life's too short no time for false convictions
I've been confused and i've been disturbed but i now know
Something of love and i love you
Baby don t go

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