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Dark Lotus

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Date de parution : 06/04/2004

Durée : 0:03:46

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(monoxide child)
I turn a dead body inside out
And leave a lotus cross painted in the middle of your mouth
And i'm goin out to snatch up a soul runnin' the night
So i can fight off all these demons that keep yellin' and screamin' (i'm alright!)
Could somebody say a prayer for me
So i can resurrect the person that keeps hiding 'cause i'm hurtin' 'em free
Now i'm exerting all my energy to feed off the spirts
If i don't i'm dead, fuck it,
I gotta murder

(anybody killa)
Like a howl in the night, my stomach's tellin' me something
That i'm tired of the hurtin', i ain't frontin'
Everytime i wake up, i feel sick,
My breath smells like death
And there's a new black mole on the back of my neck
I'm goin' crazy cause i know it's something
I don't wanna face
But i'm feelin' cool there cause it's a comfortable place
It's like the pain that i was feelin'
Kept me under suspicion
But now i know that it's all just part of the tradition

Round and round
I'll chase you down
I'll consume your soul
(and it consumes your soul)
I'll consume your soul
(gotta consume your soul)
I'll consume your soul
(wanna consume your soul)
I'll consume your soul
(let me consume your soul)

(jamie madrox)
Do you see me?
Do you believe me?
And with the petals of the lotus pod
You can never defeat me
Now i am the dark (yes)
And we are the way (yes)
Gettin' caught slippin' and your soul
Is straight up gettin' beat
By the soul eater
I did that just to keep from you what i like best
A handprint on your chest,
And skin and bone is all that
So think about befor the one you now your gettin your soul srtipped by the likes of us (lotus)
The souls i collect i keep inside me with those evil things just waitin to be set free some times they rebel and try to toake control but the lotus wont allow no way that you can teel

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