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The Skints

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Why waste time standing in the dole queue line,
When i can have a life of crime?
Wave goodbye to that boring nine to five
And all i see is more police out on beat,
More and more cctv, ya dun see me blud,
Controlling these streets
I'd risk 25 to life for the price of my time in a vain-up attempt while they all get by
I'm another example of a wasted young mind but i need to get shot of this green and the white

Things like that shouldn't be talked about

Why go school, when i can do sweet fuck all?

Just buy myself a big fat tool, rudeboy you could learn a thing or two
I'm lickin' shots like a lollipop,
Shottin' rocks like a kalashnikov
It's standard ting, i ain't lost the plot,
So when i hot you up, you're best to tell me what you go
Messin' with me, rudeboy, could be your biggest mistake
Catch me from hackney e8 out to broadmead estate
Don't go to the gym, but i'm holdin' the weight so don't watch how i do 'cause i sure ain't your mate

These are my contemplations
Dub, sweat and tears
Don't hold no fear

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