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You are the blood inside my head
The seeping stain upon the bed
You bring down unto my knees
I taste the sweetness and disease
You are the trigger for the crime
Into the liquid lake of red
You are the damage and the dirt
You are the thing i cannot hurt
Everything you touch
Everything you see
Everything you hide
Is enough for me
Everything you say
Every time you plead
I get down and play
For the touch i play
I confess to contempt
When you bleed me
You think it hurts but you feed me
When contempt
With you bleed me
You think it hurts but you feed me
I am the drought upon the seed
I am the leper left unseen
Stupidity is all i head
The broken vein to dry to bleed
Pair one more cup of bile
Before you crawl the final mile
The endless bottle of the gun
Works anythime for any one

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