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Date de parution : 15/11/1998

Durée : 0:02:15

Style : Alternative

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In my arms

All through the years you were my hero
My best friend and my one companion
Then we got news and my world shut down
And i took care of you

I did what you told me
Never wanted to disappoint
I never let them be put down
I make people happy and talk about you
And i say how much i miss your face

(chorus) you were lying in my arms struggling to live
And i whispered go and then you faded away
I shed many tears for you
And it shows that i miss you
And now i know that i believe

The family came close
You met your first grandchild
They gave you 3 weeks
And you said 3 years
3 years i sat by your side
And then(chorus)

What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger
Thats what i say when i need some hope
You told me that and i took your word
Now look and see what ive become
Since then(chorus)

I wear a cross with your name
It says believe cause thats what you said
I wear it everyday
I hold it when i pray
Through every trick and every stunt
Cause i know you're looking down on me
And i know someday ill be with you
And then we'll be together and then we'll remember when

You were lying in my arms struggling to live
Then you whispered and faded away
I shed many tears for you over the years
And every tear was one less drop of pain
Cause when you were in my arms
You said to watch for you in the rain

When you were lying in my arms........
Lying in my arms....
Struggling to live.............

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