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Kind Of Like Spitting

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Date de parution : 06/08/2002

Durée : 0:06:55

Style : Alternative

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Dumb and numb, from young and wired
All i do is wait
Pushy and hungry for more
Curtis, do you know what our lives are for now?
That it's been 3 weeks and no one talks about you anymore?
All i do is wait
We are a sea of fragility
And so ready to surf the sink
'til the sponges are flooded and we're all forced underneath
All i do is wait
I'm so good at condescending
It's so good for my weak ego
Can't get past what comes naturally to me
It comes natural to use
There's a fairness in the city
There's a new smell in the air
Satisfaction promised
But the sentiment ends there
All the capricorn reactions
In the river up to my knees
A hundred little baby fishes
With baby bottle mouths to feed
Crooners crawl themselves like whores
Across the barroom floor
My mother used to hold me,
I hold her now that she's old
After all it's just a notion
Nothing really in the end
'til a good one leaves the continent
You just can't write words to send
I guess everything's just perfect
It's all true, what you've been told
Run and tell your good friends that you just got sold

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