Paroles de Contraband

Skunk Anansie

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Date de parution : 05/05/1996

Durée : 0:05:22

Style : Rock

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Okay, go then!
Oh, sold enough, but i smell the stink,
Of the money, of the weakness that you can`t conceive
And the polls of your will love your vanity, you believe

Oh, all the rust will corrupt your fight,
`cos your belly does an echo like the tinted blight,
So the petite the baby blows you away in 4play, 4play
I say, i say, i say, yeah, yeah x3

Oh, look at me i love gleefully, `cos my teeth are full of women,
They shine endlessly at the foolish attempt to be reverent
All again, again

Oh, hard enough are your muscles` depth,
`cos your smelly little belly filled with contraband
See the walls, smash the pot and aggressive fuzz
How i laugh, laugh
I say, i say, i say, yeah, yeah x3

I, i, i, i say, i say, i say, yeah, yeah
I say, i say, i say, yeah, yeah

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