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Date de parution : 01/01/1996

Durée : 0:05:07

Style : Rock

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(music: mike / lyrics: bastian)

Bloody rain - drippin' down from the sky
Discrepancy - the war between low and high
Former ages - reign of superstition, magic rites
Dark powers - influencing people's life

Holy priest - absolution for all sins
Crusades - in the name of the holy church
Burn in hell - the damned now rot inside
Last chance - was contribution suicide
Freedom of thoughts - no longer exists

Cries, cries, cries, cries

No place for changes - uphold the flag of war
Millions already deceased - even more to die
All time is wasted - too late to forgive
Now the battle rages - until no one is left

Cries, cries, cries, cries

Once so bright - the future's now dark
A crowd held down - the inferior race
Like the prophecy said - don't deny the signs
T r u s t - first step into slavery

Interior plague - intoxication of humanity
Twisted minds - formed this chaos called world
Inheritance - of the glorious dead
This hell called war - beyond imagination

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