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Date de parution : 31/10/2006

Durée : 0:03:49

Style : Rock

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You lose control when you hold too tight
But turn your head long enough to let it bite
Cause faith let me staring at the ceiling through the night
It's freaking me out

And when i fell asleep it plagued my dreams,
And 30 bits of glass have become my teeth
They were breakin each and every time i tried to speak it's freaking me out...

You're freaking me're freaking me out
And i can run like a coward for the door
But i'll never get're freaking me out ooh...

You lose your mind if you lose control
It makes you feel ashamed for the hearts you've stole
And now your own hearts scared of an attack cause you can't give them back
You're stressing me out when you prove me wrong you're wearing me out cause i've slept so long


Threw it all away, i threw it all a-, i threw it all away, and the best part is not knowing just what i threw away, i threw it all away


You're freaking me're freaking me out
But i keep running right back around for more
Cause i'm in love with my's freaking me out

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