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Joe Budden

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Sure as the 70's number man, i can throw a curve underhand
But for the streets, not summer jam
This ain't for the fans that wanna hear pop and snap
Drunk' off ciroc and the yak, all y'all can watch from the back
Safe from self proclaimed legends that nobody wanna hear from
Scared? get a gun, come to peers? i got none
Safe from bandwagon fans sit y'all asses in the same spot
Y'all the same niggas made trinidad jame$ hot
This ain't to kendrick lamar, the nigga kendrick got bars
I heard his shit and wasn't offended at all
And as it played i heard him say i wasn't mentioned with y'all
Joell started it, only right i finish the job
So all that shit is revocable, from an overview
Only thing noticeable is how you barely give me any quotables
I state facts, not to say it's wack but check the playback
Outrhymin' a$ap ain't showin' me where ya' weight at
I'm on my shit today, you the king of new york
You might as well had spit on biggie's grave, couldn't let that slip away
I'm in the ?......ready to click and spray
Light jay elec ass up, that's my exhibit a
Bitch kill my vibe is what you wanna get into
Drown him all in a swimmin' pool, full of phlem and drool
You rentin' jewels what's with all the fascination?
But when i ask you bout' it that's my cross examination
This is slimmin's to me, all these blemished mc's
Infamously it's 'bout who's image i see
But if it's bars, not about bread, the hell with the wealth
Put you inside of the bullet, just to see a shell of yourself
I mean uh, six rappers been a testable
They action been incredible, this is what the net'll do
Chick sendin' message to tricks ain't get the sell
They ain't even artists and they get paid per diem
You talkin' bars, then this whole conversation changed
Fuck all the subliminals now nigga say a name
Some of these og's i laugh at, y'all don't know me to half ass
To me it's just one joey that's bad ass
King of new york, my nigga stop it 5
Keep it funky drake washed you twice
Tell me ?....lie around
Run up on meek with the silencer, nigga quiet down
Then ride off with his intro playin'
Cause i get hype to that shit dog i ride to the shit
With nightmares, i wanna be in the room with him, lettin' the mag off
Know he love philly so i'm leavin' him with black thoughts
You talkin' bars nigga better get help
They put they guts all on the track, still they never get felt
Lot of lower tier rappers tryna rep for they belt
Nigga it's levels to this, dog you said it yourself
But check it, when it comes to control, i might of lost a bit
Law abiding citizen style i'm comin' for all of it
Runnin' in your that recorded it
Yes men that supported it, any blog that reported it
Any artist he tour with, snuff whoever bought the shit
Whoever thought of it, his mentor whoever taught him it
Interrupt with a sneeze, hiccup, fart, even cough or lick
If i got it twisted you dumb enough to talk the shit
But the irony?, y'all all inspire me
Y'all in a spot a lot of us aspire to be,
You just strivin' my g, tip my hat so y'all know it's real
Fuck whoever mad, you just said how we all suppose to feel
I know the game, some'll try and get amped
Push the envelope, some of us provided the stamp,
Great accessors wrote the letter, others sealed it shut,
Some was nice before the percs, before a mill got tucked
It's hip hop, should blame on the mic these niggas hands on
Shades that they wear, the club couches they stand on
Which makes the credibility with dead ability
Raise the bar like you on par with this level of agility
...? runnin' rebel artillery, with augment at the 2
What sparrin' y'all wanna do?
Get to argue with a spartan, play it cool
I heard them alien voices, i'll knock the martian up outta dude
Seperate the beast from the timid, it's hip hop
Fuck if your car is lease or rented, at least you in it
Foamin' at the lip, lookin' like the yeast in women
Don't be fictitious most of y'all been a feast from the beginning
This is for b.i.g., suicidal thoughts, coogi printed
This for nas, army jacket with the uzi in it
Not no shiny suit shit, this that 92 (?)
This for hov's missin' 92 bricks
For state prop and beans, to when the lox first burst on the scene
For queens, pac, even edi amean
This for the mobb and the purple tape, word to inspecta deck
This ain't for the labels nah, wu said protect ya' neck
This ain't a diss, i don't wanna think it's fun y'all
And this for big l, the block that joe found pun on
This shit is for stack, i ain't talkin' a g
Nigga i'm talkin' a g!! nigga talkin' on me
This is for every livin' rapper ever walked in these streets
And any outsider that happen to think that a portion is sweet
Niggas been killed for less and got a coffin' for free
If you ever been in the hood, then we all should agree
This for every nigga that took what you said in stride,
I couldn't abide, some of us still take pride, check it
Limbs'll get crushed, hip hop's adrenaline rush
Men'll get touched, so if you feminine hush
Project benches i trust, came from syringes and dust
So who you named shouldn't be mentioned with us
But wait, at least half of em', other half rapped around
Doin' things to? gather every rapper 'round
See what happen when niggas try to go toe to toe
This what happen when you let a blood bath overflow
Used to do lines, half em' didn't wanna go blow for blow
I could overdose and still drag you niggas comatose
This is lightweight, put the bucks up
If we talkin' bars half of y'all should shut the fuck up
This is lightweight, put the bucks up
If we talkin' bars half of y'all should shut the fuck up

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