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Chubby Jag

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(verse 1: chubby jag)
I'm getting chicken, shit is gravy holmes
Happy when they play you, been struggling
Shit been crazy holmes, come from where they wet you
It's like welcome to the navy holmes, fuck the drama
Do it for my mama, my say-tees on
From now on, it's just
Fuck you, pay me holmes
Riding round, no tint
Waving cause i'm wavy holmes, west adams
Roc nation like it's jay-z holmes
Flat top, suited like a muslim from the 80's holmes
Yea, i've been balling like mcgrady holmes
Finally got a jewelry connect, and i put my lady on
Too much talent, haters feel like jesus made me wrong
Spitting, got us chasing this chicken until we crazy on
Chubby, a nigga dreaming bout plenty chips
So fly, bitches call me the jet, i'm kenny smith
Porch nigga, fuck around and took plenty trips
South central gymnastics, we done made plenty flips
Swear this white got us stitched like rotten leather
Swear this henney keep me warm like a cotton sweaters
The energizer keep going, me stopping never
Rappers hit me just to find out if they've gotten better
Stupid niggas mad, the shit i'm dropping clever
Fans call me the chief, it's like i'm rocking feathers
Chubby, yea i'm schooling with no tuition plan
Flat top killing, they calling me demolition man
No wesley, balling no espy
Feeling nice, tony(?) over ice, no gretzky
I bag heat, he can get it wet like a jet ski
Hood nigga, fab shit
Tell them niggas arrest me
This rap shit serious, i'm feeling like a joke
Bills got a nigga stressed out, i'm feeling like a smoke
I get so much pussy, i be turning bitches down
Every time i turn around, they got me feeling like the pope
Damn, don't try to mention niggas cause i fucking grilled them
Now promoters breaking bread like the fucking pilgrims
And really, i'm saying the same shit that kendrick say
Every rapper dead that i know, not even kendrick safe
I know some rappers now, that hope a nigga fucking stop
Bodies on the belt, that got me sagging to my fucking socks
All we know is molly, kush, lean, fucking rock
Hustle till we die, all my niggas on the fucking block
At 13, nigga had his first fucking glock
Had me looking out the kitchen blinds, ducking cops
And last nigga i dissed, holmes still quiet
Cause we the ones that win a case and nigga still riot
Pigs tell us that we can't, and niggas still try it
Hustle man tell a fiend is bad, and they still buy it
I get weight off, chubby nigga real diet
Og's stanking through the box, a nigga still fly it
Yea, if he pac then who am i, i got the whip
The tool inside, cause lyrically it's suicide
On my old school twista shit, hear me do-or-die
You the greatest you alive, just be happy you alive
I just can't, picture the picture somebody sent you to ride
So let's get up, set up somebody sent you to die
Real shit, real spit
I'm lyrically scaring vets, i've been killing with that real shit
Killing them arrnets (?), got a bag pass
I took the garbage out, glad bag
I put a number on your name like a hashtag
I drive by, and i pop out with the uzi nigga
Show you boyz n' tha hood ain't just a movie nigga
I be in n.y like a king to, even got some og's
I swear i do my thing to, money got me pimping
I ain't tripping, bring your thing through
All my niggas here, and we gon' fuck her till that thing through
If he nas, then i must be biggie in 93'
Whatever nigga said, i'm all that times 3
It's fucking murder rap holmes, thats how my rhymes be
Trying to battle with your shit, and you getting them rhymes beat

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