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The stage is set for a long night
But i wont be taking a nightride
Why should i ?
Im feeling quiet and peaceful here,
Im safe inside my mind
So i wont fall out

The stage is set for a heartache,
Could be more than a heartbreak
This time
But ill just look the other way
And ill be fine,
You wont bring me down again

Should i
Forget the way you looked tonight ?
Now i
Promise i wont cry

Somebodys getting harder :
Im a razor blade !
I guess i know you better :
You wont fool me again !
Im back home from the dead yeah
Frozen to the core
And now youre back for more

Control control yourself tonight
Control control yourself this time
Come on you are the one,
Youre here to save your mothers son
Control control yourself
Come on or shell control you

The stage is set for a long night

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