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Date de parution : 31/07/2007

Durée : 0:02:36

Style : Soundtrack

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Cool beans x alot

Rap starts - b-legit

Cool beans in the place
40 cal in my waist
I point it at your face
If you really wanna taste
6 shots with no chase
Invade my space
And get your king crowned fuck around with tha ace
I blast masks off in that 7-duece cutty
Me and my buddies situations get ugly
Niggas wanna bug me when gas is on
Cant hit what they cant see my mask be on
Chitty chitty bang bang
Nigga this is block game
Move around, hit em up, pitch it up like a boomerang
Fitted like wolverine, msu
Yellow and dark blue like hub 1 and hub 2
Nigga i cut you, you bleed on yo own
Go home write a song about how i did you wrong
How i drink petron, and blow a lotta green
And theys playas on my team like b-la and cool beans

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