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Date de parution : 02/10/2007

Durée : 0:04:5

Style : Rock

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Woman turn my head around
Woman my whole world's upside down
You come into my life and you tear it all apart
You can't put out the fire once it starts
'til there's nothin' left to burn inside my heart

Cut the cards, watch her deal
She got nerves of steel
Play with fire when you play her game
Love's desire feeds the flame
I realize, i'm terrified
She's so hot, can't stop

Cool down, cool down
You make me crazy
Makin' me hot, i gotta stop
I need a shot

Nothin' you can do or say
Can make her change her way, yeah
Burn me up such a big shot girl
Got a one way ticket to a white hot world
I got the fever down to the bone
I'm on my knees, please, leave me alone

Cool down, cool down, crazy, crazy
Makin' me got, i gotta stop
'cause i need a shot
I'm on fire burnin' all the time

Cool down, cool down
Down, down, cool down, yeah

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