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Matty Brutality

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Ill show you how to do this come rock with a pro
Emergency flow this is a ever lasting bro
See me with the stars and catch me on hollywoold blvd and chillin with some rachet pornstars
I might be drunk, high faded or whatever
On a pair of skates pink hello kitty with fags together
Um no im not a faggat but yes u are and ur still rachet
The word play is easy im a natural born killer
No this jordan vr forever
We roll 30 deep just to smoke that sheesh
What u know about me im to talented for my good
Google yahoo it before i google ur mom bitch yes i spit ridicous
I dont even remember how i started doing this
O wait it was high school kids

Yes high school
Where we get a education

But anyways highschool was for the cool kids
So i stayed in school with some white boys that ruled it
I was preety much untouchable until off the bus there was some bully bro
And still to this day im unstopabble
Something like a vagina flow o no here we go
You must not be used to my sound cuz i see u love it now
I should start a covernet
For kids who wanna fuck bitchs sluts and whore just to give em some more
I really shouldnt do this cuz thats more then half of the girls out there so ill leave it to the cool kids
Theres a little information if your really didnt knew this
This king right here only wants only a queen
And no not a wanna be bad bitchs
Now you see

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