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Date de parution : 28/04/2003

Durée : 0:03:52

Style : Rock

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If it wasn't for the bad, there wouldn't be no good
I want you to honk your horn if you're just glad to be leaving
(yes, sir)
Me, i'm big haystak it's just a pleasure to be here
A lil' jam i wrote for people that mean a lot to me
And it goes a lil' something like this

I dedicate this to true friends, ones that's gonna be there
Whether you're in a bubble eyed benz or the federal penn
Ones that will show you love when your surrounded by hate
Won't say nothing behind your back they can't say to your face

The ones that will come to your grave and pour beer on your plot
Cry at your funeral whether you like it or not
The ones that'll put money in the mail
The ones that will go check on the kids and gail while you in jail

Now that's a real mother, tsshh
The ones you can turn to when you need 'em the most
Tell you to stay focused and keep your enemies close
The ones that ain't worried about what they can get out of ya

Be there with 20 people talking 'bout finna kick that, sshh
The ones that watch suckers come and go 'cuz they was really friends
Prove they loyalty to ya time and time again
The ones that know you and what your all about
The ones your life wouldn't be the same with out them damn

Cool peoples and you'll always be, cool with me
Cool peoples and you'll always be, ever so cool
(everyone can relate to this one here)

Leaving you was the hardest thing i ever had to do
I don't know if it was your mouth
Or my attitude that destroyed our group
Went out dancing or just walking in circles
Screaming at each other till we both turned purple

Heard you got a new man and got a new plan
I wish you the best you know what i'm saying
Regardless you'll be
(cool with me)

From time to time i think about ya till the hours pass
Reminisce on how you was shaped like a hour glass
Come to think of it we ain't even spoke in months
Hit me up lil momma we can, pshhh

'cuz you cool peoples and you'll always be, cool with me
Cool peoples and you'll always be, ever so cool

The ones that you lost along the way but will find they way back
The ones that had love for j before he was haystak
The ones that will watch your back when you drunk in the club
Come to your girls and get you to keep you from, shhh

The ones that will always be behind you
When you get that big head they going to be there to remind you
Where you came from and who you really is
The ones that's been there since y'all was little kids

The ones that loved you told you can do anything you wanted to
What ever you decide to do give 'em everything you got boo
People you can turn to in your time of need
Holler at your home boy, the hustle he might front you some weed

The people that who will be there in jail to see your ass
Put they fist to the glass
(one love, homie)
The ones that will be down to the very end
Y'all ain't related by blood but they just like ken

Cool peoples and you'll always be, cool with me
Cool peoples and you'll always be, ever so cool

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