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Adam Ant

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Date de parution : 22/01/2013

Durée : 0:03:15

Style : Alternative

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For a time i lived in tennessee
A pretty hillbilly
A cool zombie
The people there were real friendly
Flat top cats and dungarees
54 pickup, eggs over easy
A zombie

Took him a trip to london town
Goldfish eyes and a permanent frown
A cool zombie
You haven't seen me in a while
Would give you anything but a smile
A cool zombie
Took the king's shilling
And the body was willing
But not playing with a full deck

The dead man eyes a giveaway
His baby blues a thousand miles away
A cool zombie

(come closer)
Dead man with a famous head
(come closer)
Earning him a crust of bread
(come closer)
I'll sign my book of the dead
(come closer)
I might even sign your leg
(come closer)
Gimme you best side baby
(come closer)
Come learn my vocabulary

I bought an a framed house that suited me
On top of the vale in tennessee
The place that made world history
The monkey trial of 23
A cool zombie

The kind of place a lost soul could hide
Hadn't changed since bonnie and clyde
This goes out to ronnie b
The sailor man on his harley
Showed me how good life could be
A live tour of gods country
The good folk there were good to me
They never ever twigged
I was a cool zombie


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