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Clay Kevin

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What do you do with what they say when you've gotno faith in which to pray?
It's like a circus freak side show. you won't give in to go with the flow.
What do you do when you see the signs? where the sick heal the sick, blind
Lead the blind. what do you do when you need some cash? you need a lot and you
Need it fast? it's the tail waggin' the dog that's swingin'.copelandhagin.
Well the bongos i borrowed i never gave back. we'll call it even for the love
You lacked. and the $100 dollars i was supposed to use to make this record i
Used for shoes. it's the tail waggin' the dog that's swingin'. they are just
What they say. casting demons out of doorknobs while singin'. copelandhagin.
Just a pinch between your cheeck

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