Paroles de Cordiali saluti

Gianmaria Testa

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Date de parution : 30/08/2011

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : Pop

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Thank you for your collaboration
You were a most esteemed
And your great spirit of sacrifice
And all the time you spent
On our common cause
Will never be forgotten;
And in the future,
You can be sure,
We will always take into account
Your noble teachings,
And of course your seriousness, versatility,
And great humanity
More than colleagues,
We were family.

Please let me know then
At your earliest convenience
Where to deposit the amount owed
And what remains
Of your fees.

We wanted to give a party, too,
Nothing too special,
Just a farewell glass of wine but,
As you know, your reserve
And your aversion
To any form or gesture of greeting
Some thought it arrogance,
But only because
They didn't really know you,
So they've asked me,
Who have always
Been your closest
Among all those
You work with
And please don't trouble yourself to come by,
Because we will see to
Returning your personal belongings
And everything else
That you left behind.

I can't even imagine
All that you'll be able to do
With your time, no longer under a boss.
You surely have a passion,
A dream, an old desire,
And finally the chance arises
To give yourself body and soul
To what only yesterday
Had seemed an illusion
Believe me, it may be true, we're alike,
But passions are what make us
Different and a little special.

Enclosed please find for your review
The account settlement statement
Along with my most distinguished,
Sincerest, and kindest regards.

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