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Wide Mouth Mason

pochette album Corn rows
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Date de parution : 25/03/1997

Durée : 0:04:17

Style : Rock

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It might take some time
But i'll do it on my own
You act as if it's a crime
Like i'm bad down to my bones
But i sleep at night time
And i can't understand how you ever did
Sounds cliche i can't live a lie
I was feeling old and tired
Now i feel like a little kid
I think you're suddenly blind
Only see waht you want to do
Good god man where's your mind
You don't see me but you're so easy to see through
Now i'm slipping through the corn rows
Now i'm slipping through the corn rows
You can't see me any more
Now you're slipping through the corn rows
Slipping through the back rows
Can't see me anymore, can't see me anymore

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