Paroles de Corpus hermeticum (body/spirit)

Project Pitchfork

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Is it moving up or down here?
I can't tell - i see no light
Are we moving up or down now?
I don't care the time is straight

Don't you see the way you walk?
They make you forget who you are
Don't you hear the way you talk?
That's the way you damn yourself

Is this all because of us?
I can't tell - i see no light
How much can this planet take?
A little more is still o.k.

How much more still has to happen
Until you feel responsible?
No one asked me to be here
The rest i have forgotten

Like pearls on a string - life for life is here
Forming an ocean of light - one by one is here
Descending into the abyss
Uncountable they are
From here it looks so easy
Because from here i see the love
Forming everything around us
In here it's so different
It's even hard to believe in myself
But to look at you from here
Is worth the price - you called life

How much more we have to hear?
If i would have known - then i would have changed
But isn't it strange to see - that the more you change
The more is changed

Oh i forgot - you doubt your own existence
And another round until your reality proves you
What your will won't accept by choice

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