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Date de parution : 01/10/2004

Durée : 0:01:27

Style : Rock

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A fire from the sky rains brimstone from above (no god no truce) a whole world implosion got too close to the sun (no god no truce) veins of power struggle explode into a bloody mess (no god no truce) rupturing the nation's core, bursting from the stress (no god no truce) the atheists get in line await the coming destruction (no god no truce) religious dogma corrupted and curruptor (no god no truce) with a man made of sin leads a full scale invasion (no god no truce) drains the life from the skins abrasion (no god no truce) no restoring order in a full scale attack (no god no truce) there's no f**king vision, there's no voice it's all black (no god no truce) and then you break down with a villainous call (no god no truce) puss bleeding profusely from the city walls (no god no truce)

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