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Date de parution : 21/04/2004

Durée : 0:06:59

Style : Alternative

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Winged disciples of the nocturne dream
Descend upon the fortress of the tyrants creed
In their search for midas, how many more must bleed?
Father super nature, grant the final deed, please yeah

Children screaming velvet sorrow
In tombstone rulers burning land
Love shall send them to the gallows
Retribution is at hand

Immortal rotation in a wordless hearse
Cosmic funeral, of mothers afterbirth
Lord, release the dragons from the pall bearing sky
Our sorrow is navigation, to breathe their hate goodbye, yeah

Through a screen of crimson shadows
Weeping angel flaps his wings
Void of sin, engulfs and swallows
Tragic dust of futile man

C'mon now, oh yeah

Karma has brought you our way
And now we're tolling your bell
Purple unicorns will guide me
To fleets of lost angels

Ooh, disco supernova, do the martian bossa nova
Can ya dig it?
Let's groove, sonic muthafucka

Demons inside we have burned you
Now we've expelled
They chased you down satan's highway
We bid you found farewell

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