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Fake the pork needs talentness i disrespect
I just hate you man it makes me hard
And can you soar because i'm really proud of you
Fake like a pig within you and you wear a mask pluck
You lie to me, i wonder why you play with the fact of being two
Follow by your red side

It will sink i'll be soon, living in you aboard

You wanna make the bitch and it's so poor
'cause you don't even know, even you feelin so blind
Side in the forefront'cause i like it

You'll never drive me blind no fuck no lie
You'll never drive me back no fuck no right
You'll never drive me blind no fuck no lie
You'll never drive me blind no suck no right

En bloc!
Pleymobil dans ta gueule

Forefront forefront'cause you got back back inside the fuck ou are
I just hate and you don't even saw what's going on
Back in your soul'cause i feel so
Pig inside, he wore a fuckin red shirt
Hiding in a mask you disregarded my hate
You and your double shot

It will sink, i'll be soon living in you aboard
Counterfeit get me sick following you apart

T'as qu'a toujours dire le contraire et puis me la refaire à l'envers (x2)

You take take a very big slime aboard
Afraid fraid
Back back is pluck back in town fucking and inside the move
Big belly with a pocket full of shame down in your brain
It will sink, i'll be soon living you aboard counterfeit get me pick

Following you apart

Le meilleur reste à venir on a encore rien pu bâtir répété pas mal de fois

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