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Widespread Panic

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Date de parution : 25/05/2010

Durée : 0:05:52

Style : Alternative

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Before the beginning you know something already started
Oh in the summer, smoking palace welcoming all the full hearted
The sun will settle down, with blind anticipation
Long that moon will shine it's light on a sordid celebration

Before cotton was king
Before sugar was queen

Rivers from the north lands stroll slowly to the sea
Givin' birth to the city lights like it was always meant to be
Ships sail in with foreign hands some who never leave
Every child a woven basket the night is new years eve

When cotton was king
When sugar was queen

Float on shady the future is not afraid
Hold on shady cat on the back of time's parade

Float on shady the future is not afraid
Hold on shady cat to the back of time's parade

Same souls have lived this place forever and a hundred years
Every dazzling race so close that color disappears
Tigers circlin' the tree they make butter on our bread
Some will say they'll have their day - some that did have never said

Cotton was king
Oh, sugar was queen
Rice is the lady in waiting
Oh, cotton was king

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