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Mondays always been an early night. i got my remote control everything is gonna be alright. my eyes are glued, be still my heart, now that rose mcgowan's on charmed. damn that witch cast a spell on me. you're all i need (i love my tv) with such good shows, who has time to read? this is paradise, i'm cruising along the beach. driving a speed boat with pamela on her knees. fast forward, rewind, between the two scenes. now i'm getting road head from the queen. can the sandwich do for me what the crue did for tommy lee? i'm gonna pin down buffy and drive my stake home. then leave a latin explosion inside of j. lo. a party of 2 jen hewit and me. im in love in love with my tv. britney stopped over for a blockbuster night wth me. i'll do her doggy style, so we both can see the screen. bangin pink in her pink and then in her brown. even tori spelling from the next down. i'll show courtney my cox, make rachel dump ross, then show allyssa milano who's the boss. i'm stealin' spice channel minus the sound, swimmin in baywatch then pretending to drown. then i'm going fishing in dawson's creek.

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