Paroles de Couch surfer

Bran Van 3000

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Date de parution : 15/04/1997

Durée : 0:02:51

Style : Pop

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By the sampling, the wealth of music and sound effects
Available on audio fidelity stereo disks
You can take a trip around the world
Without leaving your easy chair

Couch surfer

Together with everything and nothing between us
You are the whole soul goal me, you
Universal universal union
Blending in matter, journeying harmony
Journeying harmony

The ecstasy is voyaged through swaying, interplaying
Perennial gardenia gardens, flowing into fuscia fountains
Leaping into warm purple pink gaseous fumes, purple pools
Moving in, undulating, emanating jewels
Into a timeless, spaceless, placeless place

Couch surfer, couch surfer
(such a cute face)
Couch surfer, couch surfer
(i'm surfing)
Couch surfer, couch surfer
(couch surfing)
(move into your house)
I'm a couch surfer

Now move into your house, i'm a couch surfer
Yeah, but i don't mean to be
Somebody took my keys, i'm a couch surfer
(couch surfer)

Well, i'm locked inside of the holiday inn
And i'd like to get out with just a little bit of rain
(down and down and down and out, but i don't give a damn)
Can i crash at your place again? just one more night?
(couch surfer)
I'm couch surfing, i'm a couch surfer
(couch surfer, couch surfer)

I'm locked in but you locked me inside
(couch surfer)
Inside of no longer me

Move to tears beyond into a pond
Of cool quivers, my being shivers
I'm pure energy beyond the sun, i'm utterly complete union
I'm a couch surfer, mind if i eat those chips?

Oh, that's okay, i don't like salt and vinegar anyways
(couch surfer)
No no no, i didn't use pay-per-view, i figured it was free
Yeah, i'm going, i'm a couch surfer, couch surfing

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