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One more night would do just beautifully.
Crashing cymbal grand finale
Last-breath kiss and cymbal cracking high c
Flies out of me, or we moan a morbid harmony.
A video clip for my library.
Tender and obscene i back up on you,
You into me.
Tender and obscene you're into me.
You could be, you could be cruel.
You could be, you could be cruel,
A careless, smoking bogey, and i'll be
I'll be rosellini.
Rosellini asking slap me, slap me, slap me.
Beer backs down to the places you left.
A slow hand inside pushing down
Brings back whiskey burn in my chest,
Whisker burn on my neck. i draw you
Black and white from way up here.
You're barstool, camels and a beer.

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