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By paul buckmaster

-"count down! it's been many moons since we've last seen each other!"
-"are you well?"
-"of course, am i not always well?"
-"great, just great!"
-"the planet will watch over me. now tell me of yourself,
Was your journey pleasant?"
-"it had its moments."
-"and your musical studies, do they progress?"
-"i suppose so, over the years i've been into just about every
Considerable type of music there is, you know."
-"mm, splendid."

-"blink? small? what do you do?"
-"i built my whole life to see you crowned, king. tomorrow
Night my life's work will be rewarded,"

-"look at the throne! a people without a king for a hundred years and
I'm to be the heir of the throne. didn't i tell you?"
-"i know you'll be a great ruler."
-"now, count down, there's not much time left if you're to find
Any sustenance before the party, you really must go out now."
-"mine is amber."
-"count down."
-"my name is amber."
-"count down."
-"count down."
-"amber, what do you know about me?"
-"won't you have something to eat? or some wine?"
-"no, thank you."
-"let's see, what do i know about you? quite a lot.
Van helsing's talked about you a great deal."
-"oh, that you're an authority in the occult, that you're here to open
A museum and that you're giving a performance at the preview this
-"is that all?"
-"no it's not all."
-"what else?"
-"a few things i've learnt myself in the last couple of hours."
-"that you're charming, attractive, the perfect heir-"
-"is that all?"

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