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Date de parution : 30/03/1993

Durée : 0:02:43

Style : Alternative

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I understand my friends have all
Got something to do tonight
But couldn't someone give me a call
To see if i'm gonna be alright
Sitting in front of my t.v. set
Filling my heart with regret
I never did anything i wanted to
Now i've got nothing to do
And i'm trying to pull through
Got no help, left no doubt
You can count me out

Need to move so i go to the store
Drank all the beer need to buy some more
Stopped off in the park on my way home
Sat on the swings and thought about things
Felt like a puppet dangling on strings
Somebody walks by i hope they leave me alone

Just wish that there was always someone around
Who didn't drive me up a wall
Seems like everyone they drag me down
With friends like that who needs friends at all

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