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Date de parution : 26/11/2008

Durée : 0:03:06

Style : Electronic

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She said the situation never had to happen this way
I said come on everything happens for a reason baby
She smiled and said you always know exactly how to keep me here
I said babe its not me its our love that you see skies so clear

And so blue and so beautiful at the same time
And when the clouds move in they disappear when you open up your eyes
Cus you shine, you shine so bright, you paint your picture in the sky
And every night i think of you and know that everythings alright

Where ever you go ill be right with you
Ill be your shadow so i never have to miss you
I know its hard when were so close but your so far away
Ill keep you in my heart and baby that is where youll stay

Well its 3 a.m
And i cant sleep i cant stop thinking of you
So i call you up and youll answer somehow just like you always do
I said babe, i just cant, i just cant keep you off my mind
And she says i know exactly how you feel and baby its alright
And now its starting to get late and were both falling asleep
And the phone slips from your hand and gets lost in your bed sheets
And i keep talking and as if your still listening and i fall asleep
I guess well finish this conversation when i see you in my dreams

--chorus repeats--

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