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Day by day
Sounded by an aura
Of indifference
People passing by each with their stories to tell
Scars to show
Places to go
Thousands of people
Driving by
And i don't care whether they live or die
How dare i
Dehumanize someone just because
I don't know their name (know their name)
Have headlines made me so desensitized
That any more is but overflow
Spilling out into nothingness
I don't want to be so detached
That i need lighters and blades just to feel again
All i want is to be receptive to the people i don't know yet
Every stranger bleeds just as red as i do
So why should they be treated as any less than family
We are not all that different
Our views may conflict
But like two notes we play our part

People make up the best and worst of this world
We are making our opposition
Suffer just like the victims we fight for
This is counter production at its finest.

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