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Solitary Experiments

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In a rotten world, where the sun went down
And the skies are grey, covered by dark clouds
At this dead cold place, where all dreams seem lost
Only shadows remain and gold turns to rust

Wide opened eyes reflect like a looking glass
Our memories remains as an image of the past
And from far away a rising siren wails
But in spite of warning, we just walk the trail

As the rain comes down, like a waterfall
It fades the light away and we'e afraid to drown
And when the last child cries and it lost its smile
If there's no sign of hope, maybe its time to die

As we're far away with every death angel cry
Bored of life, i need time to die
To be wiped away by the acid rain
Echoes of our life, flushed down the drain
As the phoenix rise barred from pain
Everything dies only darkness remains