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Collin Raye

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Im counting the cracks on the wall by my bed
'cause i cant get to sleep and my mother said
To try counting sheep as theyre jumpin the fence
But the fence has a hole and the sheep snuck out

Their tails are wagging
Back and forth in celebration
Farmer sam is calling out their names

But hes yelling to loud and i cant get to sleep
And its all on account of those runaway sheep
Now theyre out in the woods eating ice-cream and cake
Dancing round and around thats why im awake

Unless im dreaming
This is all too silly to be really happening
Theyve all got party hats

Every one of those sheep has a bell on its neck
Going ring-a-ding-ding, im a nervous wreck
Theyre ringing so loud tell me why it wont stop
A familiar sound just like my alarm clock

Hey, no wonder
I can hear mom say good morning
Time for breakfast now tell me what you dreamed

Sweet, sweet, sweet
Sweet dreams

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