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Bill Anderson

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Date de parution : 09/02/1993

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Country

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I dreamed i was there in country music heaven
Oh what a beautiful sight
Last night i dreamed i went to country music heaven
And you know who greeted me at the gate
The old blue yodeler himself jimmy rodgers
He said to me "bill they asked me to show you around up here
And right over there is some of your old commodores
Man was i glad to see them
There was earnest tubb marty robbins red foley
Lefty frizzell tennessee ernie ford
I dreamed i was there in country music heaven
Oh what a beautiful sight
He introduced me to hank williams and we saw elvis
And then he showed me the hall of fame
With all the gold guitars and fiddles hanging on the wall
And then he said "step over this way
There are some of your friends i know you'll want to see
They're waiting for you"
And there they were standing side by side smiling at me
Tex ritter johnny horton george morgan
Dottie west and keith whitley
And then he said we got a big show up here tonight
And we have saved you a seat on the front row
Ah i sat and watched and listened
As grant turner introduced an all-star line up
Like none i'd ever seen
Roger miller opened the show with bob wills and his texas playboys
Followed by webb pierce followed by hawkshaw hakins
Red slovine carl and pearl butlerand cowboy copus
Lester flat stringbean jimmy gateley mel street
Jim reeves and patsy cline
I saw all the stars in country music heaven
Oh what a star studded night
Then i ask him who else he expected in the next say 100 years
Jimmy handed me a large book covered with stardust
He called it the big tally book
In it were many names
And each name was branded with pure gold
I began to read some of them as i turned the pages
Roy acuff minnie pearl eddy aronld johnny cash willie nelson
Randy travis garth brooks reba mcintire whispering bill anderson
Whispering bill anderson?
Ah and that's when i woke up
And i'm sorry i did
I dreamed i was there in country music heaven
Oh what a beautiful sight

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