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Country rap song

I like tupac shakur, snoop dogg and biggie, and old run d m c.
I like all those heavy rappers, and i like to watch m t v.
I like the way they walk, the way they talk, with all those tough cliches'
All those thugs and women, and partyin' every day.
Cause i need some mo' juice, the freeflow is loose, with mc and l cool jay.
I'll take a ice cube, with a ice tea, and ice dogg, all the way.
The beamers and caddys and drivebys are gettin me down.
While cold cut and cowboy and eminem scratchin' that sound.
The oj's and po's in the pj's keep followin' me.
Guess i'll jet out to jamaica, and marinate till i can be free.
Instrumental one verse
I like scarface, and screwball, and 3-d and q-ball, the boys dont' never lie.
All the other kinda music, makes me wanna lay down and die.
So pop top a flip top, i'm crazy for j z, and p dogg, and pee wee, and pinky,
And missy, and redman, and jj, and y not and x-ray, ya can't beat ole fat
Joe. some waxin' n scratchin', an a six pack of deuces to go.
Instl on bridge
The wiggers are wacky, the oreos tacky, but i'm still not d o a.
Just a giggy dog, with lots of cheese, and i stay bent every day.
I like tupac shakur, snoop dogg and biggie, and ole run d m c,
I like to rap, and i like to watch m t v.

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