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Stuart Marty

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He's got a john deere cap and a bad haircut
A face only a mama could love
But he's a heart worker, he comes home at night

He's got a wife and a dog, two kids and a half
He's a lifetime die-hard democrat
And he pays his bills, he's an honest man

He's validated, unadulterated country
He's got a bumper sticker on his new dodge van
That says, 'follow me to the promised land'
He's tried and true, bleeds red, white and blue

He works six days a week for saturday night
To hear the jukebox play the time of his life
But come sunday morning, he sings 'i saw the light'
He's flag waving, soul saving country

When i look at this man
I see a little bit of myself
That part of me that can't be nobody else

He's come and get it, unapologetic
Flag waving, soul saving
Validated, unadulterated
The man's country, stone country

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