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(talk) and it goes
Verse1- drugs in my household
Didn't put family business in the street my mouth closed
Parents always had a job i never went without clothes
Even though they might have been a couple seasons old
Now its beastin mode
Keeping glow speak in code
Like i"m fresh from cairo
Dollars rising up like some high notes
Better find something you wanna die foe
Or die slow
Like a coward , my strains louder
Then a kwayaski with a growler
In my monte i'm a prowler
Rest in peace to my cuz i'm trying make you prouder
You know times hard shit wilder
Around my way these lil niggas sniff heroin powder
Hard to stay up around all these junkies on downers
In our blood sweat and tears the govt drown us
Vh1 bojangle clown us
Only drag queens holding crowns up
I'm sick to my stomach i need medication
That's why cigarillos getting separated
Like a family during a hurricane devastation
From your bullshit i'm segregated
Minus the jim crow
You can always see me on all ten toes