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Montgomery John Michael

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Cowboy love
You drive a baby blue boomer
I drive a pickup truck
I'm a member of the good ol' boys
You're a member of the country club
You keep turnin' me down when i ask you out
But i ain't givin' up
I'm gonna show you darlin' a little cowboy love
Let me broaden your horizons
Teach you bout the finer things in life
Like some late night horseback ridin'
Sippin' on some southern homemade wine
If a little two steppin', star gazin', breathtakin', lovemakin'
Is what you're dreamin' of
Then let me show you darlin' a little cowboy love
You need a little adventure
To ignite your world
I can picture you in cowboy boots
I can picture you a country girl
Once you give me a try then you'll know why
You can't get enough
So let me show you darlin' a little cowboy love
Repeat chorus
Maybe underneath the midnight/moonlight
Cuddled up real tight
Cozied down by a fire
Listenin' to some george strait, george jones
Country love songs you'll change your mind
Repeat chorus

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