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Ana Johnsson

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Date de parution : 09/06/2014

Durée : 0:03:03

Style : Pop/Rock

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I could be anything
You want me to be
Cook you nice dinners
And then gently rub your feet
I could be a perfect wife
And be your slave for life
But i won`t, no i won`t

I could be the sweetest thing
You think you`ve ever seen
Dress up in skimpy clothes
All to fulfill your dreams
I could do anything
To show how much u mean
But i won`t, no i won`t

I`ll be a fly in your soup
The one that`s always in your face
Try to wave me away
I`ll be right back on your case
I`m the stain on your suit
Yeah, the one you can`t replace
Just because i can
I`ll be the itch on your back
On a spot that you can`t reach
I`m the reason you crack
Yeah, i`m like a bad disease
Just because i can
Just because i can

I could be the mistress
Who says she doesn`t care
And i`ll keep on smiling
When you`re treating me like air
I could be your best friend
The one who`s always there
But i won`t, no i won`t


I am gonna be the thing in your head
Keeping you awake at night in your bed
And every time you feel you`re losing control
Remember i`m the one who dug you that hole
Just because i can

I can be the things you want
But i won`t

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