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Quincy Punx

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I've got a cracklab in my basement
I'm a shining example of a junior acheivement
Cooking up drugs on my chemistry set
Twenty-seven grand a week is what i get

I've got a cracklab in my basement
Please don't tell my mommy on me
I've got a cracklab in my basement
Every kid needs a hobby

I'm the only kid on my block with an uzi
All the other fourth graders are jealous of me
I'll be a millionaire by the time i'm thirteen
I'm a perfect example of an american dream

(repeat chorus)

My parents are dumb they'll never suspect
And if they do i'll just tell em its a science fair project
My cub scout troop does the distribution
And i'm thinking of expanding into prostitution

(repeat chorus)

You mix it up, you cook it down
You serve it up out on the playground
Crack lab

(repeat first verse)
(repeat chorus)
(repeat bridge)

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