Paroles de Cracked and crazed

Dough Martsch

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I try to be graceful, you only want more,
I try to be peaceful, you only want war
I try to be calm, but you stir up such hate
I offer my palm, but you've closed all the gates
I try to stand up, you're pushing me down,
I fill up the cup, you throw it to the ground
I'm trying to live, to act for your sake,
I'm trying to give, but you only take

Oh! take my days, my months, my years
Oh! take my blood, my sweat, my tears
But not my heart

I've seen leaves in a gust, and torches combust,
And jackals and wolves in a throng
Waves breaking fierce, and daggers that pierce
And i've stood in the face of them all
I've seen gears that could crush, and geysers that gush,
And light that combined with the grass
Soldiers that march, and deserts that parch,
And with them all i have taken my chance

But you,
You're the only one who can beat me down
Yes, you,
You're the only one who stole my crown
So you,
You're the only one i set to free
And you,
You're the only one who made me...
Oh! take my...
You have left me cracked, and crazed
And you did it, with love
Oh that's right oh you did it, with love
One more time
Oh you did it, with love