Paroles de Cradle rock

Joe Bonamassa

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Date de parution : 24/10/2000

Durée : 0:03:5

Style : Blues

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If i was a cradle, would you let me rock?
If i was a pony, would you let me trot?
If i was an atom, swimmin' in the trees,
If i go out my cell phone's dead would you put you dogs on me?

If i was a baby, would you let me fall?
If i was an outlaw, would you have me caught?
If i was a tiger, would you have me caged?
If i was somebody else, would you act your age?

You'll miss out if you're, getting high - no thank you.
Pray it doesn't happen, this time i'll make you see it.
You and i gotta say, this is about me and you, yeah.

If i was a nightlight, would you let me see?
If i was anchor, it'd be news to me.
I was a maybe, giving you next call,
If i tell you the truth now baby,
Listen when i talk!

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