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Adam Ant

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Date de parution : 22/01/2013

Durée : 0:04:58

Style : Alternative

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I'm sorry i eat my soup with a fork
I'm sorry i don't listen when you talk
(stand up)
I'm sorry i never took the load off you
(stand up)
I'm sorry if my behavior seems too cruel
I'm's time to..
(stand up)
It's time...
(stand up)
I'm sorry that you're not me and i'm not you
(stand up)
I'm sorry for all the shit i've put you through
(stand up)
I'm sorry i stole away your perfect dream
(stand up)
I'm sorry for all the times i didn't kiss you
(stand up)

You cradle your hatred like a baby
(stand up)
Slave to resentment lately
(stand up)
God only knows when it's gonna stop
Whatever i say is okay as long as you come out on top
(stand up)

Chorus x 2

I'm sorry we're not like the cartoon family
(stand up)
I'm sorry, but i see that as nothing to envy
(stand up)
I'm sorry no one's ever sworn at you
I'm sorry 'cause they sure have sworn at me
Let me explain:
A poor boy's dreams are the only luxury
I'm sorry we're always locking horns
I'm tired of sitting on the naughty step
The dunce's cap; just another crown of thorns
It's time to...

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